Track check

Track check

Hey everyone,

This diary entry should give you an insight into what I do on the day before a race. So, here goes.

Today I got up about 8:30AM, as I had plenty of sleep to catch up on and my body is still half on UK time, which would make that 7:30AM. Breakfast was 5x (you read that right) Weetabix with banana, soy milk and sugar, as well as a cup of tea and glass of water.

This race here in Sittard I have to say is badly organised. I had no information on when I could sign on, when the course was open for practice etc. Luckily, we’re staying about a 10 minute drive from the venue, so when we found out at midday that the course would only open from 5PM, it wasn’t a massive deal.

We got a race programme and headed back to the apartment for lunch, which was pasta with tomato and garlic, and plenty of bread. I then had time to shoot and put together this post on my race bike, and then it was off to the course for practice.

I rode 3 laps of the track, stopping to assess line choice and the main technical sections on track. The knee was surprisingly solid, if a little painful when really cranking. Course check finished at about 6:15PM, and for those interested, here’s the ride:

After leaving the track, it was straight to the supermarket for supplies for this evening and tomorrow, where I then cooked up a sweet chilli stir fry with plenty of rice for dinner. Having the training bike here, there was no bike cleaning to be done, so this evening is pretty chilled. 

You always want to stay as relaxed as possible before a race to save energy, so cooking dinner was about the most difficult task of the night.

It’s now 11PM, so I’m winding down. The race isn’t until 1:15PM tomorrow, so it won’t be an early start. The track is riding super dry and dusty, so I’m looking forward to racing. 

I’ll let you know how the race goes.


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